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Portuguese Classes and Tutoring

Portuguese classes are offered at our school in Phoenix, Arizona taught by our native Brazilian Portuguese teacher. Our classes are fun and interactive. Other than improving your fluency, you’ll learn a lot about the cultures that speak Portuguese with our themed lessons. If you’re ever planning to visit Brazil and attend the carnival of Rio de Janeiro, why not learn some Portuguese to get the most out of your experience?

The Portuguese language is spoken by over 230 million people.

Classes for Beginners

Our Portuguese classes for beginners are for students who want to start learning the language from point zero, become fluent and become confident in speaking with other people in Portuguese. You’ll learn basic vocabulary, grammar, and proper pronunciation. The teacher teaches in Portuguese, but explanations are given in English as well.

The classes are taught in small groups and at convenient schedules.

Classes for Intermediates

This type of class is for those students who are already familiar with the basic of the Portuguese language and now want to improve their fluency and become more confident. The intermediate classes are a bit more challenging, but they’re designed to help you become fluent in Portuguese and be able to hold conversations with other people.

Private Classes

Our Portuguese teachers are available to teach private classes as well. This type of class is perfect for students who are getting prepared to study abroad in Portuguese speaking countries such as Brazil or Portugal and want to make faster progress in learning the language.

Classes for Kids

We also have Portuguese classes for children aged 7-11. Children are natural learners, and if they’re interested in learning Portuguese, we’ve created ways to make the whole process of becoming fluent really fun and interesting with games and interactive lessons. Your child will have a great time at our school.

We offer free trial lessons at our school to all new students. Why not give it a try and see for yourself?