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French Classes and Tutoring

French Classes in Phoenix

French equals romance. It’s the language that real lovers speak. Many think of it too difficult to learn, but that’s not true. With the proper approach and guidance, one can become fluent in French quite fast. Our teachers are native French speakers who are experienced in working with students of all ages and have a proven history of happy students. Lessons are real life scenarios and in such a way that the students will have it really easy to grasp the key elements of French, and, with enough practice, they can easily become fluent.

Classes for Beginners

French classes for beginners are ideal for those people just starting to learn the language and want to have the basic skill of knowing how to speak French in a conversation. French is challenging but with our help you’ll have the confidence you need to have conversations with other people.

Classes for Intermediates

Students who already know how to have basic conversations in French, but want to improve their fluency and take their French speaking skills to the next level, this class if for them. The teacher speaks French all the time, unless you need to ask some questions and get clarifications in English. Your confidence when speaking French will skyrocket after taking these classes as well.

Private Lessons

Our native French speakers also offer private language classes. The kind of lessons are great for those students who can’t follow our group schedules, or for those students who want to learn something specific to their needs. Also our teachers specialize in preparing you for French proficiency tests.

  • TEF – Test d’évaluation du français
  • TCF – Test de connaissance du français
  • TFI – Test de français international
  • DELF – Diplôme d’études en langue française, Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2.
  • DALF – Diplôme approfondi de langue française, Levels: C1, C2.
  • TELC – The European Language Certificates
  • CLEP – Arizona State University language assessment test

Classes for Kids

These classes are designed for children aged 7-11. They’ll learn all the basics of the French language. We know that children get easily bored, but our teachers are experienced in making the classes fun and interesting. We think that it’s really important that the students interact with the teacher and other students when learning a language, because they’ll show faster progress that way.

Children are able to learn multiple languages easily as they grow up, so starting early will give your child a boost when it comes to personal and academic achievements later in life.