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A Critical Look at the Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software

Rosetta Stone

Many major companies and government agencies supply their employees with Rosetta Stone language learning software if they need them to learn an additional language. This article is a Rosetta Stone review which will explain why Rosetta Stone’s language learning software just doesn’t work.

If you went onto Rosetta Stone’s website, you will be offered a Rosetta Stone review or testimonial that will say something quite different. In fact, the website will most likely offer you either a demo or a free trial. Once you try this demo or free trial, you may actually think that you are beginning to pick up the language. That is because Rosetta Stone language learning software operates by allowing its users to learn intuitively. For example, the demo or free trial might have the user match a picture with a word, but it places the gender specific pronoun next the word, and the user subconsciously begins to learn the male and female pronouns while they are learning vocabulary. This method might seem like it should work and you might be wondering why this Rosetta Stone review states that their language learning software doesn’t work.

What a user cannot possibly ascertain from the demo or free trial is the missing components within their language learning software. When someone learns a language in a classroom setting, they have accountability. Their teacher will give them a grade, and attendance is required. This is one of the many reasons this Rosetta Stone review states that their program doesn’t work: there is no accountability.

Another major problem with the software is that there is no immersion. In order to experience immersion (and become fluent in another language), you must be able to practice with a native speaker who will not slow down. They must speak at a natural pace so that you must learn to catch up and become a fluent speaker.

Another reason that this is a negative Rosetta Stone review is because when you are using the demo or free trial, the software will ask you to repeat back words, but there is live speaker to correct you if you are pronouncing something incorrectly. Because of this, you might learn to say the words incorrectly, so Rosetta Stone doesn’t work.

Though this is a negative Rosetta Stone review, and their program truly doesn’t work, there are some good things to be said about it. It does allow for the user to learn both vocabulary and grammar rules at a rapid pace. Because of this, it is an excellent supplemental study tool when someone is learning a language. Their language learning software does have value, and if you are interested in an additional aide in your language learning journey, you might want to consider trying out their demo or free trial to see if their program is a good fit for you.

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  1. L.A.W. says:

    Rosetta Stone does work if you provide your own “accountability”. Also, there surely is immediate feedback for incorrectly pronounced words; all you have to do is use the repeat button until you understand the native speakers correctly. As for “immersion”, if you stay with the program for at least an hour a day while referencing such assets as “Spanish Dictionary” and Conjugation.org” online, you are definitely immersed. Of course, you will want to watch Telemundo or HBO Latino each day also. The point is, language learning takes work and there’s no way around it. If you pan Rosetta Stone, you also pan virtually every other method as well. That said, it is always preferred to work one on one with a native speaker if that’s even available or affordable to you.

    • Julie says:


      I agree that almost any study method can be effective if you are very diligent. However, with software in general very few are disciplined enough to get the full value out of software. Most often it sits on the shelf and gathers dust.

      Our definition of immersion is very different. In the software you are not immersed as you are not participating in or experiencing interaction with a live person.

      I completely agree that language learning takes work and commercials that RS uses makes promises that are unrealistic in regards to the amount of work required in order to gain fluency in a language. Panning RS does not pan every other method at all. Maybe software methods but not all teaching methods.

      There are many effective methods out there and the most important thing, as you pointed out, is accountability or dedication.

  2. cssaSAs says:


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