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Language Classes

We offer language lessons and training in these languages:

As well as preparing you for these language proficiency tests:

  • English: ESOL, TOEIC, TESOL
  • Spanish: DELE
  • French: DELF, TEF
  • Japanese: JLPT
  • CLEP college level examination program (Used to test into higher level courses in university)

Our school offers language lessons for both children and adults, in a few categories: Private One-on-One lessons, Group lessons, and Corporate lessons. Our native language teachers are experienced in teaching conversational language lessons and help the student become fluent in a foreign language.

Group Classes

The most common type of classes that our students are interested in are group classes. There are many benefits when it comes to group classes, such as being more affordable and giving you an opportunity to practice and speak with your group members, also each of the group uses focused curriculum (beginner, intermediate and advanced) classes  to make the language learning process more effective.

Students have shown great success in developing foreign language speaking skills with our well rounded group language lessons. We use simplified methods and interactive ways to help the students in the group understand everything easily and simply.

Group lessons are offered for students of all ages and all the languages listed above.

Private Classes

Our teachers also offer private lessons in the languages that you choose. If you’re having problems about something specific that you’d to improve, or if you’re schedule is too busy to attend our group classes, then scheduling a private lesson is the right choice for you.

One on one tutoring will help you a lot if you want to learn a language faster and make progress more easily. Our teachers are experienced in offering private lessons and have developed effective methods to help you with your foreign language fluency skills.

Corporate Classes

We offer corporate language classes and training for groups interested to improve language fluency. Corporate classes are tailored to suit your company’s needs and help your staff make an accelerated progress in learning a language by using customized lesson plans. The classes are available at our school or your place of choice.

Kids Classes

The best time to learn a new language is when you’re young. Children somehow have an ability to learn two or more languages at the same time quite naturally as they grow up. Our teachers are experienced in teaching languages to kids by using creative and fun ways; we all know that children get bored easily.