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Chinese Classes and Tutoring

Chinese is spoken by one fifth of out planet’s population. China has one of the oldest and richest culture in the world. Learning to speak Chinese would open the door of success and wonder. No matter what field you’re in, there will always be some connection to China and the Chinese people. Making new friends or creating  meaningful business relationships with Chinese people is much easier if you speak their language.

Chinese isn’t an easy language to master; it’s quite a challenge, but we’ve found ways to help our students get fluent faster and become confident when speaking the language.

At our school we teach Mandarin Chinese.

Private Classes

For the Chinese language we’ve only got private classes, and depending on what a student needs, we can help students who are just starting to learn the Chinese language and have little to none knowledge about it, or those who already have developed basic fluency in Chinese and now want to further improve their speaking skills and gain more confidence. The classes are taught by native Chinese teachers to help you learn the language the best way possible. We’ve developed methods that guarantee success to our students in improving Chinese language fluency.