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Arabic Classes and Tutoring

We offer Arabic classes and tutoring at our school for students of all ages. The lessons are taught by native Arabic language teachers, so you know straight away that you’re in for some real quality classes. In fact, we’re the best school in Arizona to learn Arabic, we invite you to take a free trial lesson in one of these type of classes that we teach:

Classes for Beginners

This is your starting point if you’re a beginner with a desire to learn Arabic. You’ll learn the basics of the Arabic language; words, phrases, how sentences are constructed; how to make basic conversations with other people in Arabic; and more. The lessons are challenging because Arabic is not an easy language to learn, but we’ve found ways to make the lessons fun and engaging to help you make progress quickly.

Classes for Intermediates

These classes are for students who are above the basic level of knowing how to speak Arabic, and now want to improve their fluency. In this type of class you’ll get familiar with¬†advanced grammar, expand your vocabulary, and gain general confidence when speaking Arabic with other people.

Private Classes

Private Arabic language classes are also available at our school or the place that you choose. This type of class is great for people who can’t come to our regular group classes, or for those people who want to make accelerated progress in becoming fluent in Arabic.

Contact us for more information about our Arabic classes and try a trial class at our school for free.

Why Learn Arabic

  • Arabic language is spoken by more than 500 million people.
  • You can increase your job opportunities where Arabic is required.
  • You’ll be able to communicate directly with native Arabic speakers and learn more about their culture and history.