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About Us

Many people think that being able to speak a foreign language fluently is reserved only for the naturally-talented people who are born with such skill, or those children who were lucky enough to start early, but they are wrong. We started our school because we truly believe that anyone can learn a foreign language by using creative ways to make everything easy and fun.

Our teachers are experienced language professionals who teach their very own native language to the students. We offer conversational classes in Spanish, French, German, English (ESL), Farsi, Czech, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and American Sign Language (ASL).

We also offer a free trial class to all the new students.

The best school in Arizona to learn a foreign language. We teach Spanish, French, ESL, Japanese, and more.
1445 W Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ
Phone: 480-745-9368